What is involved in a breast lift?

Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift involves the removal of excess skin to lift sagging or dropping breasts. Sometimes, when both sagging (ptosis) and loss of volume is at hand, a breast augmentation or implant surgery may be combined with the lift in order to reshape the breasts. Dr. Esmailian will discuss the options with you in order to develop a treatment plan that will meet your expectations. While the overall goal of a breast lift is to reposition a woman’s breast to a more natural position, it must be noted that ample breast tissue is needed to achieve the look. If there is breast tissue is loss (due to age, or pregnancy/breastfeeding), implants may be suggested in order to enhance the overall size, placement, and shape of the breasts. There are many different types of lifts that can be performed and each lift has different scaring. It is best to be evaluated by a complimentary consultation to determine if a mastopexy alone is sufficient or if a breast implant with a breast lift is the correct procedure for you.

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Who is ideal for a breast lift?

Certain requirements must be taken into consideration in order to ensure the safety and success of breast lift surgery. Breast lift patients should:

  • Be in good physical and mental condition.
  • Not be pregnant or planning for a pregnancy in the near future.
  • Be at an ideal weight-losing or gaining excessive amounts of weight may affect the outcome.

Breast Lift Cost

Breast lift prices vary depending on the extent of the surgery. With most breast lift procedures the cost includes the anesthesia fee, facility fee, and surgeon’s fee. The surgeon’s fee usually varies from office to office, mainly due to the surgeon’s experience and qualifications. It is important to evaluate the qualifications of the plastic surgeon to make certain that they are a board certified plastic surgeon. Cost is one factor in deciding which plastic surgeon would be the one to perform your surgery, but it should not be the only factor. Too many patients choose to have their surgery performed by the lesser costing surgeon, overlooking the experience and training that particular surgeon has undergone.

In the case of a breast implant with lift surgery, the cost would be higher than a mastopexy procedure alone. The cost of breast lifts in Orange County, can vary greatly as mentioned, especially, if a breast implant is used. Even though this procedure can be done on any breast size, women with smaller breast in need of a breast lift, tend to show better results. Like with all surgical procedures the patient should always keep in mind a realistic goal, to ensure the best possible result. Please contact Dr. Esmailian’s plastic surgery office to arrange a complimentary consultation.