A breast lift (mastopexy) surgery, just like any other surgery does have its risks and benefits. Certain precautions and requirements must be taken with any surgical procedure. Dr. Esmailian is a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery. He will go over all risks and benefits as well as the recovery steps with you during your initial consultation and will ensure that your surgery and recovery process is as swift as possible.

Possible Risks & Complications

Patients should be informed of the possible risks along with at home care instructions for the breast surgery. Breast lift surgery is quite safe, especially in the hands of qualified surgeon, like Dr. Esmailian, though there are certain risks associated with this type of procedure. Some risks may include:

  • Reactions to the anesthesia.
  • Loss of sensitivity or numbness-not frequent, but can happen after any breast surgery.
  • Scar Hypertrophy-means getting thickening of the incision scar.
  • Wound Dehiscence-separation or opening of the surgical incision.
  • Breast asymmetry-everyone’s body heals differently, and so it may be that the breasts have some variation of asymmetry. Additional procedures can be done to fix this, but most likely will not be required.
  • Bruising-temporary and resolves with time.
  • Blood loss during or after surgery (hematoma)-extremely rare.
  • Changes in skin color-may or may not be permanent.
  • Tissue Necrosis-while very rare, risks are increased for this complication if you have a history of smoking, circulatory problems, and/or diabetes.

Breast Lift Recovery

While the breast lift surgery itself may have risks, these are very rare. In fact most of these risks may be avoided if the required postoperative instructions are carried out. Dr. Esmailian gives each and every patient a thorough explanation of what steps and treatments to take during the recovery time. Each patient is given an extensive booklet which outlines what to do weeks before the surgery, the night before and the day of surgery. The booklet also outlines the recovery steps for the surgery performed. If followed correctly, the risk of complications is reduced even further.

Breast lift recovery time vary between women, due to the fact that some bodies react to certain procedures better than others. Age, weight, skin elasticity, & other factors can contribute to the healing time. A few days after the surgery you may experience some soreness and numbness. The side effects of swelling and bruising usually reduce after a few days. Most patients are back to work within 3-5 days and full activity, including exercise can be resumed at the 1 month time. It is important to take into consideration that the breast may not take its full perfectly sculpted shape until about one year after the surgery.