Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a caring breast surgeon providing breast reconstruction and reconstructive procedures to patients in the greater Orange County metropolitan area. Breast reconstruction is a very sensitive and emotional issue, due in large part to the causes relating to this procedure. Many times, breasts are removed due to cancer or other diseases that have ravaged one’s body, leaving painful physical and emotional scars for women. Dr. Esmailian, a caring and highly trusted breast surgeon, understands a woman’s pain and suffering and the emotional stress she has gone through. Of all the procedures he performs and services offered, breast reconstruction becomes one of his most rewarding surgical procedures; the ability to help strengthen and build back a woman’s self esteem after such a traumatic experience. What’s more, new advanced medical techniques and devices make it possible for Dr. Esmailian’s breast reconstruction surgery services to create a breast that closely resembles the look, form and appearance of a patient’s original natural breast.

Breast Reconstruction Orange County

Though postmastectomy breast reconstruction is not a simple procedure, there are many options to consider as you and Dr. Esmailian decide on what’s best for you. Additionally, years of medical research, clinical trials, and studies have concluded that breast reconstruction has no known effect on the recurrence of disease in the breast and it does not generally interfere with chemotherapy or radiation treatment, should cancer recur with the breast. Lastly, Dr. Esmailian’s breast surgery services may also include a recommendation for continuation of periodic mammograms on both the reconstructed and the remaining normal breast for assurances of properly screening for cancer.

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Most people think of the phrase “breast reconstruction” in relation to cancer of the breast, that is, mastectomy, or removal and reshaping of the breast due in large part to medical reasons. If your reasons are not medically related and you are seeking to create fuller, firmer breasts, then Dr. Esmailian’s breast surgery procedures also include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and other breast surgery procedures.