What is a breast reduction surgery?

Some women suffer from overly enlarged breasts, which can at times be very uncomfortable and painful. This can cause neck and back pain along with irritation or indentations on the skin, called shoulder grooving, from the use of an ill-fitting bra. Usually this happens when extra tissue is located in the breast along with large amounts of fat. During breast reduction surgery much of the excess tissue and fat is removed from the breast, creating a lighter feel and more natural shape.

While this surgery is performed for physical relief rather than a simple cosmetic improvement, breast reduction has helped women that have become self-conscious due to their large breasts and are choosing this procedure over any to resolve their issue. Like with any procedure, certain measures must be taken. After thorough questioning, research on your medical history and physical examination, Dr. Esmailian can then determine if breast reduction surgery is the right procedure for you.

The Procedure

Before any surgery can be performed, a client consultation will be done. During the consultation Dr. Esmailian will ask questions to help decide whether you are an appropriate candidate for the surgery, including but not limited to:

  • Medical history
  • Prior procedures
  • Medications currently taking
  • Allergies to medications
  • Use of tobacco
  • Motivations and reasons for surgery

The procedure itself involves make an incision that circles the areola, extends downward, and follows the natural curve of the crease beneath the breast, this is called wise-pattern or anchor breast reduction. Once this is done the excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin is removed. Sometimes more fat is removed from the armpit area or from one side more than the other, to give a more balanced appearance. Breast asymmetry is a very common issue but this is the perfect opportunity to obtain better symmetry and smaller breasts. Once the desired breast tissue is removed, the nipple and areola are moved into their new position. The result is a smaller, more youthful breast shape and appearance.

Breast Reduction Recovery

After surgery you will be in recovery for approximately an hour with a nurse. The nurse will monitor you while you are in the recovery room. Special tapes are placed over the incisions and a supportive bra will be worn for about 8 weeks. There will be some scarring mainly around the areas where the incisions were made. These breast reduction scars will diminish and lighten in color after recovery is complete. This usually takes approximately one year from the time of your surgery before we can say that the scars have completely healed. Dr. Esmailian will discuss with you what he prefers for scar treatment and can show you how some of his scars have healed given his scar treatment preference. Scars can be easily hidden when bathing suit top or bra is worn.

If work involves sitting and minimal to no heavy lifting, patients have been known to return to work in 1-2 weeks. Nipple sensory loss is rare and most patients retain their sense of sensation after this surgery. Some patients state their sense of sensation has dramatically increased after the surgery, but over time this will return to baseline. During the recovery stage of your procedure, make sure you get a lot of rest and do very little with raising your arms; this will ultimately ensure a speedy breast reduction recovery.

Surgery Costs

Most breast reduction surgery is covered by your PPO health insurance. Up on your visit with Dr. Esmailian, measurements and photos will be taken to be submitted to your insurance company. If your insurance company does not consider your breast reduction surgery as medically necessary, Dr. Esmailian’s patient consultant can discuss with you the cost of the breast reduction surgery. Dr. Esmailian’s patient consultant will go over all the fees associated with your surgery. The fees commonly associated with breast reduction surgery include:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Surgery Center fee
  • Implant fee- if we are doing a breast reduction in addition to adding an implant to obtain upper pole fullness
  • Follow up visits

You may contact Dr. Esmailian’s office at 562.430.7373 to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Esmailian at that point can give you a very good idea if your health insurance would consider your breast reduction surgery as medically necessary and cover the financial aspects of the procedure.