Breast surgeon Dr. Farbod Esmailian can help reshape and resize a women’s nipple and areola, giving it a more aesthetic and appealing look. For many women, the size and shape of their nipples and areolas causes great insecurity and even comfort issues for nipples that may protrude too far or are inverted. Likewise, a women’s areola may be too big or simply cover too much of the frontal breast, resulting in an unwanted appearance.

The procedure is rather short, simple, and uncomplicated, resulting in a new appearance for both the nipple and the areola. If necessary, Dr. Esmailian can cosmetically correct both the nipple and the areola at the same time, or simply enhance just the nipple or the areola by itself. Downtime is relatively short for both procedures, with sutures being used to help keep the incisions together.

Nipple Reduction Orange County

For a relatively simple and straightforward procedure, the benefits of nipple and areola surgery are many:

  • A more balance and proportioned look for your nipples and areolas
  • Elimination of any pain associated with inverted or protruding nipples
  • Increased confidence and self esteem with your improved look and feel of your breasts
  • A permanent procedure

Contact plastic surgeon Dr. Esmailian for all your breast surgery needs, including nipple and areola procedures. He and his caring staff will consult with you in an upfront, honest, and open manner, giving you a wide array of services and procedures to choose from.