Restylane is an injectable gel provided by Dr. Esmailian, a board certified Orange County Plastic Surgeon. Restylane works by enhancing your natural looks by restoring your skin’s volume, creating elasticity, softness, and an overall smoothness in your appearance. Specifically, it adds volume to greatly soften and minimize the signs of aging while also enhancing facial features where needed. It’s considered a relatively quick and easy procedure, with results that are immediately seen.

Notable Features of Restylane

  • Used by millions of people around the world for creating a natural facial enhancement.
  • Clincial studies have deemed it to be extremely safe, with side effects and adverse reactions very rare.
  • Restylane, though not permanent, is very long lasting.
  • Unlike other hyaluronic acid-based treatments, the acid found in restylane is not animal extracted, thus there is no risk of diseases being transmitted or allergic reactions being created.
  • With minimal downtime, restylane can be administered in a quick and easy manner by Dr. Esmailian