Although we may not be consciously aware of it, many scientific studies have shown that human beings instinctively correlate facial symmetry with attractiveness, which means that the more symmetrical and balanced one’s face appears, the more attractive it will be to others. The size, position, and shape of the nose place a crucial role in the determination of facial symmetry, which is why a misshapen or disproportionate nose can have a negative impact on the aesthetic appearance of the entire face.

Rhinoplasty Orange CountyFortunately, nasal reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) can enhance facial symmetry and balance by restructuring the proportions and shape of the nose. Some of the key cosmetic benefits rhinoplasty procedures provide include:

  • Repositions off-center or crooked nose
  • Corrects nasal asymmetry resulting from an injury
  • Reduces the size and/or width of a disproportionate nose
  • Smoothes out bumps or depressions on the nasal bridge
  • Diminishes the appearance of upturned, wide, or flared nostrils
  • Reshapes bulbous, drooping, or upturned nasal tip

In addition to the aforementioned cosmetic benefits, rhinoplasty can also be performed as a means of correcting structural defects of the nasal cavity, which can impair a patient’s ability to breathe.

Nasal reshaping surgery is a complicated and delicate procedure, and should only be performed by a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, such as Dr. Farbod Esmailian, whose private practice in Los Alamitos, CA serves patients in the greater Los Angeles area, including Newport Beach and Orange County. Dr. Esmailian’s skill and experience performing intricate facial surgeries has made him a top choice for many patients seeking to enhance the appearance of their nose with rhinoplasty procedures.


Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. During this surgery, Dr. Esmailian may utilize a closed technique (incisions made inside the nasal cavity) or an open technique (incisions made across the columella, the column separating the nostrils) depending upon the nasal issues the patient suffers from.

The open rhinoplasty technique is generally a good choice for patients who present with significant nasal structural issues and need intensive nasal reshaping. The closed technique is better suited for patients who present with mild nasal issues, and need a lesser degree of reshaping. During the nasal reshaping surgery, Dr. Esmailian will excise small pieces of cartilage from the septum (the partition in the center of the nose), and will use this cartilage to support and stabilize the existing nasal structures, resulting in a more symmetrical, proportionate and balanced nose.

After surgery concludes, internal nasal splints and external casts will be placed to stabilize and support the nose for about seven days. Patients can expect some post-operative bruising and swelling in the cheek and eye regions; however, this should subside within a few weeks.


Dr. Esmailian is a double board certified plastic surgeon who focuses on providing superior patient care, and who makes it a priority to stay informed about the most cutting edge developments in the field of facial surgery. Supported by a compassionate and competent staff, Dr. Esmailian will work tirelessly to ensure that your rhinoplasty experience is as safe and comfortable as possible.

If you have additional questions about having your nasal reshaping surgery performed by Dr. Esmailian, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Esmailian.